Zen Micro Pod
Zen Micro Pod

Zen Mobility, a visionary player in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, made a significant impact with the introduction of its pioneering creation, the Zen Micro Pod. Unveiled in 2019, this purpose-built cargo 3-wheeler LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) quickly garnered attention with its innovative design and exceptional performance.

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Zen Micro Pod Purpose-Built Cargo 3-Wheeler LEV

Zen Micro Pod is specifically designed as a purpose-built cargo vehicle, optimized to fulfill the unique requirements of urban delivery services. With its compact three-wheeler design, this vehicle effortlessly navigates through congested city streets, making it an ideal choice for efficient cargo transportation.

Zen Micro Pod Pioneering the Pod Concept

In 2019, Zen Mobility made its mark in the industry by introducing the Zen Micro Pod as the first of its kind. This groundbreaking innovation has set the stage for future developments in the micro pod segment.

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Zen Micro Pod a Agile 3-Wheeler Design

Zen Micro Pod’s small three-wheeler design enables agile maneuverability, allowing it to easily navigate tight corners and crowded urban areas. Its compact size also ensures easier parking and accessibility, further enhancing its practicality and convenience for cargo deliveries.

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Zen Micro Pod
Zen Micro Pod

EV at the Forefront of Rapid Industry Changes

These days EV (Electric Vehicle) industry undergoes rapid transformations, Zen Micro Pod represents a cutting-edge solution that embraces the evolving landscape of transportation. With its environmentally friendly electric powertrain.

Zen Micro Pod Impressive Range and Payload Capacity

Equipped with advanced battery technology, Zen Micro Pod offers an impressive range of over 120 km per charge. This ensures that deliveries can be efficiently completed without interruptions. Furthermore, its payload capacity of 150 kilograms allows businesses to transport a significant volume of goods, catering to diverse cargo requirements.

Zen Micro Pod Catering to the B2B Sector

Zen Micro Pod is strategically positioned to cater to the needs of the business-to-business (B2B) sector. Its efficient design, ample payload capacity, and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for companies involved in cargo transportation.

Zen Micro Pod Sales Success

Zen Mobility’s relentless pursuit of excellence has been reflected in the remarkable sales success of the Zen Micro Pod. With over 10,000 vehicles sold, it has gained significant traction in the market, solidifying its position as a trusted and preferred option for cargo transportation.

Efficient Charging Time

Zen Micro Pod offers a quick charging time of under 2 hours. This feature allows businesses to optimize their operational efficiency by minimizing charging intervals and ensuring a seamless workflow.