Okinawa Okhi-90
Okinawa Okhi-90


  • Okinawa Autotech has launched the updated Okinawa Okhi 90 electric scooter in India at a price of Rs 1.86 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi.
  • Deliveries for the Okinawa Okhi-90 will commence from September 2023.
  • The electric scooter complies with AIS-156 amendment 3 regulations and features an improved battery pack, motor, and technology.
  • It comes with an E-ABS (Electronic-Assisted Braking System) with regenerative capabilities, enhancing safety and energy efficiency.
  • Okinawa Okhi 90 boasts a 3.6 kWh removable lithium-ion battery pack, a 3.8 kW electric motor, a range of 160 km, and a charging time of 5-6 hours using a regular charger.

Gurgaon-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer, Okinawa Autotech, has recently launched an updated version of its flagship electric scooter, Okinawa Okhi 90. Priced at Rs 1.86 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), this new model boasts an impressive riding range of 160 km on a single charge.

With deliveries set to begin in September 2023, the Okinawa Okhi-90 is poised to make a significant impact in the electric scooter market.

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Okinawa Okhi 90 features

The most notable improvement in the new Okinawa Okhi-90 is its compliance with the AIS-156 amendment 3 regulations. This means that the electric scooter now comes equipped with a battery pack that meets the required safety standards.

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Okinawa Okhi-90
Okinawa Okhi-90

Additionally, the motor has been upgraded, and the technology features have been improved, making this version even more appealing to potential buyers.

One of the key features of the Okinawa Okhi 90 is the E-ABS (Electronic-Assisted Braking System) with regenerative capabilities. This advanced braking system ensures efficient and safe braking, enhancing the overall riding experience.

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Okinawa Okhi-90 top speed and charging time

Powering the Okinawa Okhi-90 is a 3.6 kWh removable lithium-ion battery pack coupled with a 3.8 kW electric motor. This combination delivers a commendable performance and enables riders to reach a top speed of 90 km/h.

Moreover, the scooter can be fully charged using a regular charger in approximately 5-6 hours, making it convenient for daily commuting needs.

Okinawa Okhi-90 retains its sleek and modern appearance, appealing to both style-conscious riders and those who prioritize functionality.

The scooter features a comfortable seating arrangement, spacious storage compartments, and LED lighting, providing an overall premium riding experience.