Harley Davidson X440
Harley Davidson X440

The Harley Davidson X440 is a captivating motorcycle that combines power, style, and performance. With an estimated price tag of Rs. 2.07 Lakh, this bike offers an exciting option for motorcycle enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the key features and specifications of the Harley Davidson X440.

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Harley Davidson X440 basic features

  1. Harley Davidson X440: A powerful and stylish motorcycle option.
  2. Estimated price of Rs. 2.07 Lakh, offering accessible ownership.
  3. Single variant and captivating color for enhanced visual appeal.
  4. Equipped with a BS6-compliant engine for impressive performance.
  5. Features front and rear brakes for efficient stopping power.

Harley Davidson X440 Design and Color

Harley Davidson X440 showcases an eye-catching design that reflects Harley Davidson’s iconic styling cues. While specific details about the design are limited, one can expect a sleek and muscular appearance that exudes confidence on the road. Harley Davidson X440 is available in a single variant and a striking color that adds to its visual appeal.

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Harley Davidson X440
Harley Davidson X440

Harley Davidson X440 Engine and Performance

Equipped with a BS6-compliant engine, the Harley Davidson X440 delivers a powerful and exhilarating performance. While exact specifications of the engine are not mentioned, one can anticipate a robust powertrain that provides an engaging riding experience. With Harley Davidson X440 commitment to performance and innovation, the X440 is expected to deliver impressive acceleration and smooth handling.

Harley Davidson X440 Brakes and Safety

Harley Davidson X440 features front brakes and rear brakes, ensuring efficient stopping power and enhancing rider safety. While further details regarding the braking system are not specified, Harley Davidson is renowned for prioritizing safety in their motorcycles. Riders can have peace of mind knowing that the X440 is equipped with reliable braking technology.