Toyota C-HR : An Exhilarating Ride for Tech Enthusiasts: A Car with Advanced Features and Instant Air Interaction

Toyota C-HR is a dynamic SUV that combines performance, style, and efficiency. With its impressive speed and electric capabilities, it offers a unique driving experience.

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Toyota C-HR Competitive Price

The Toyota C-HR is attractively priced at Rs. 17 lakh, making it a compelling choice in the SUV market. It provides excellent value for money considering its features and capabilities.

Toyota C-HR Engine

Toyota C-HR is equipped with a 1496 cc petrol engine, delivering a balanced blend of power and efficiency. This engine configuration ensures a smooth and responsive driving experience, making it suitable for both city commuting and highway cruising.

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Toyota C-HR
Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR Fuel Efficiency

Toyota C-HR primarily runs on petrol, it also has electric capabilities. It can cover a distance of 66 km solely on electric power, providing an eco-friendly driving option. This fuel efficiency feature contributes to reduced emissions and lowers overall fuel consumption.

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Toyota C-HR Impressive Performance

With a quick acceleration time of just 7.4 seconds, the Toyota C-HR can reach a speed of 100 kmph. Its top speed is recorded at 180 kmph, showcasing its capability for swift and confident driving on the open road.