Tata Tiago EV’s reign in the electric car segment, broke all old records, sold 5 lakh cars in 15 months, now getting huge discounts

Tata Tiago EV : In recent years, the electric car market has witnessed tremendous growth and innovation. Tata Tiago EV has emerged as a prominent player, dominating the electric car segment with its exceptional features and performance.

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Tata Tiago EV sale

Breaking all old records, Tata Tiago EV has achieved a remarkable feat by selling 5 lakh cars in just 15 months since its launch.

Tata Tiago EV Mileage

One of the key factors contributing to the Tata Tiago EV’s popularity is its impressive fuel efficiency. The Petrol MT variant provides a mileage of 19.01 kilometers per liter, while the Petrol AMT variant offers 19 kilometers per liter.

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The CNG variant of Tata Tiago EV, delivers an excellent fuel economy of 26.49 kilometers per kilogram. For those interested in the NRG MT/AMT variant, it provides a mileage of 20.09 kilometers per liter. These figures highlight the car’s efficiency, making it an attractive option for eco-conscious consumers.

Tata Tiago EV color and variant.

Tata Tiago EV customers can choose from five appealing colors: Midnight Plum, Daytona Grey, Opal White, Arizona Blue, and Flame Red.

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Tata Tiago EV
Tata Tiago EV

Tata Tiago EV boasts six broad variants: XE, XM, XT(O), XT, XZ, and XZ+. Each variant caters to different customer requirements and budgets, providing a diverse range of features and specifications. Tata Tiago EV directly rivals popular models such as the Maruti Suzuki Celerio, Wagon R, and Citroen C3.

Tata Tiago EV discount offer

Tata Tiago EV is currently being offered with substantial benefits of up to Rs 53,000. These benefits encompass discounts, special offers, and other incentives, making the car even more enticing for potential buyers.

When it comes to pricing, the Tata Tiago EV offers great value for money. The car is priced between Rs 5.60 lakh and Rs 8.11 lakh, depending on the variant and customization options.