Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC
Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC

Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC, with its impressive features and competitive pricing, is set to shake up the market dominated by the Honda Activa. This scooter not only offers a mileage of 50 kmpl but also comes packed with several advanced features that make it a strong contender in the two-wheeler segment.

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Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC modern technology

One of the key highlights of the Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC Drum Cast Jubilant Yellow variant is its i3s technology. This innovative feature automatically shuts off the engine when idling and restarts it with a simple twist of the throttle.

This i3s technology helps conserve fuel and reduce emissions, making the Pleasure Plus XTEC an environmentally friendly choice.

Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC engine

Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC boasts an air-cooled, 4-stroke single-cylinder OHC engine. On the other hand, the Honda Activa features a fan-cooled, 4-stroke, SI engine. Both engines deliver a similar mileage of 50 kmpl.

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Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC
Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC

Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC doesn’t disappoint with other special features. It offers mobile connectivity via Bluetooth, allowing riders to stay connected even while on the go. The speedometer is analogue, while the tripmeter is digital, providing riders with accurate information about their journeys.

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Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC price

Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC Drum Cast Jubilant Yellow variant starts at a competitive price of 80,358, while the Honda Activa comes in at 76,514. With such affordability, the Pleasure Plus XTEC offers great value for money, considering its extensive range of features.

Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC pays attention to safety as well, with its LED headlights, bulb tail light, and bulb turn signal lamp. This scotty also includes a low fuel indicator, alerting riders when it’s time to refuel.

Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC drawback

However, it’s important to note a few drawbacks of the Hero Pleasure Plus XTEC. Some riders have reported that the scooter feels nervous at higher speeds, which may affect overall stability. Additionally, the brakes on the Pleasure Plus XTEC lack the desired feedback, requiring riders to apply significant force for quick stops.