Ligier Myli EV
Ligier Myli EV

Ligier Myli EV : The automotive industry is witnessing a paradigm shift as electric vehicles (EVs) gain prominence in the market. One such EV making waves is European Ligier Myli EV. This small yet efficient electric car presents a viable alternative for environmentally conscious drivers seeking a compact and budget-friendly option.

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Ligier Myli EV has Impressive Driving Range

Ligier Myli EV offers an impressive driving range of 123 kilometers on a single charge. This range makes it ideal for urban commuting and short-distance travel. With its efficient electric drivetrain, Ligier Myli EV aims to provide a reliable and convenient mode of transportation while minimizing environmental impact.

Ligier Myli EV Competition with the MG Comet EV

Ligier Myli EV finds itself in direct competition with the MG Comet EV. Both models target the segment of small electric cars, catering to drivers seeking practicality and efficiency. While the MG Comet EV boasts a slightly higher single-charge driving range of 230 kilometers.

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Ligier Myli EV
Ligier Myli EV

Ligier Myli EV 3-Door Configuration

Ligier Myli EV small electric car is designed to navigate crowded city streets and tight parking spaces with ease. The 3-door configuration further enhances accessibility, allowing passengers to embark and disembark comfortably.

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Ligier Myli EV will be pleased to know that the vehicle has been spotted on Indian roads undergoing testing. Testing on Indian roads enables fine-tuning and optimization, ensuring that Ligier Myli EV delivers a seamless and enjoyable driving experience to its future owners.

Ligier Myli EV Competitive Pricing range

Ligier Myli EV price range starting from 12.45 lakhs and going up to 19 lakhs, this electric car presents a competitive option for buyers seeking an economical and eco-friendly vehicle.